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Walcott, Jeriah 

Profile Picture - Jiriya Walcott.jpg

Artist Bio:

I am Jeriah Walcott, a self-taught fine artist. I have been passionate about the fine arts since childhood; this passion is what drove me into pursuing it during my academic studies. Upon completing my secondary education, I attended the Barbados Community College were I received both my Associate and Bachelor’s Degree in fine arts and studio art, were my first exhibition “Cracks in the System” took place. Even though I am a new comer to the wider to the wider art community in Barbados I have been an active artist for all my life, with my art spanning a diverse range of styles, and mediums such as painting, graphite, and pen and ink. My work does not have a grandiose message, nor is it a critiquing any subject matter, for my work is simply for art for art sake, and exploring the beauty found in detailed art.


Instagram: @jeriahwalcott_art 

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