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MEYER, Heather 

Artist Bio:

I would call myself a practicing artist. Showing up and creating something, experimenting with new techniques and painting a variety of subject matters has become a way of expressing something of who I am. A South African born Canadian, I have been living in Barbados for the last 22 years. My art story is interwoven with my move to Barbados and its vibrant artistic community as well as the island colours and landscape. Initially a water colour artist I now exclusively work with acrylic paints and mediums, which I often find myself manipulating as if they were a more water-based medium. The elements of colour, value and texture are what most interest me when painting a piece but I have yet to develop one particular style, preferring to experiment and use multiple approaches as I paint subject matters that have meaning to me.

Email: Contact: (246) 823-4791

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