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Becoming a member of The Barbados Arts Council allows for you to showcase your work at our exhibitions, and have any of your work displayed on our online store. 

These exhibitions give you the opportunity to interact with other creatives, which can aid with personal development as a creative.

Non-creatives & Non-studio artist can also become a member of The Barbados Arts Council, whether you want to support creatives or just appreciate art all new members are welcome.

  • How much do I have to pay to become a member at the BAC?
    The cost is $100 annually, including the ability to showcase your work at exhibitions or on our online store. For non-creatives, the cost is $50.
  • How frequently do I have to renew my membership at the BAC?
    31st of March each year.
  • How can I keep up to date with upcoming exhibitions?
    For each upcoming exhibition, members will be notified via email.


Visit us at our store, located at #20 Pelican Craft Centre, Harbour Road, St.Michael and inquire about receiving a membership signup form


Print the membership signup form below and deliver it to us at our location!

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