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We are The Barbados Arts Council (BAC), the home of the work of many of Barbados' well versed creatives. Since 1957, our aim is to nurture the artistic expression of creatives and assist with the representation of visual artists and photographers in Barbados. With our "open door policy", our doors are open to all artists and photographers. 


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The Barbados Arts Council (BAC) was inaugurated on December 6th, 1957. Sir Hugh Springer, Barbados' fourth Governor-General , was the the first President and Chairperson of the Arts Council. The Arts Council was accorded the Barbados Arts Council in all the art forms - music, dance, drama, literature, the visual arts and other forms of artistic expression. Since the establishment of a number of organisations specialising in specific disciplines previously under the umbrella of the BAC. This shift allowed the BAC to focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the visual arts.

During its early years, the BAC benefitted greatly from the advice and assistance of the British Arts Council. For many years we remained the central cultural organisation and acted as the link between Government and the community. 

Many talents have contributed to the significant development of the Arts Council. One of them was Karl Broodhagen, a painter, sculptor, teacher and mentor. He joined the BAC as visual arts director and transformed the Barbadian art landscape. He negotiated for the Barbados Arts Council to acquire gallery space at Pelican Village, our current headquarters. Prolific painter and collector Fielding Babb’s contribution to the development of the BAC is also significant. Fielding frequently mounted solo exhibitions in the gallery. His shows attracted substantial sales, thus bringing in much needed revenue by way of commission into the organisation. Fielding influenced many of his own generation and younger artists and devoted much of his time to guiding and nurturing artists towards reaching their full potential.

Today, many newer artists, such as Clairmonte Mapp, Adrian Compton, Corrie Scott, Eric Stewart, Neville Crawford, Neville Legall and Rena King continue to carry the torch, impacting the Barbadian cultural landscape for the better.

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