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GREENE, Raven/Raven Trudi 

profile photo - Raven Greene.jpg

Artist Bio:

My work is an identification to the reason why I am still alive and the reason why I never took my own life. I extend my journey so that you the viewers are able to get a glimpse of my perspective of the paths and winding roads before I could stand tall and trust my inner judgement. In my nakedness I delve into my sensuality, my teenage nightmares and my ever evolving life. Often times I feel though I am an investigator as I search my soul to untangle the tangles of my unique Black Beauty. Despite that it isn't always as individualistic as it seems. The artist that you see before you started at a tender age of 4 where I continued to develop my passion at The Lester Vaughan School. One year after my first attempt to attend the Barbados Community College I was granted the privilege to pursue the Associate Degree in Visual Arts. Since gaining adequate knowledge my artistic practice is an exploration of Acrylics while using other mediums to also capture mixed media textured effects all for the love of it. My current materials of choice are acrylic and mixed media. I currently operate from a basement which has been turned into a studio space.

Contact Number: 834-2020


Instagram: @Raventrudi

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