Dearest Friends,


The Barbados Arts Council has been in existence for fifty-six years and I recently took up the baton of President when the former resigned unexpectedly in January 2014. This situation threw the Council into a mode of uncertainty and it was left to the new Executive Committee to weather the storm and to carry this important organization forward.


Human beings are such that they see only what they want to see where nothing else matters. This is an unfortunate flaw in all of us, but our strength lies in understanding this weakness and making use of it as best we can. The most successful leaders are those who not only wish to lead on a platform of honesty and transparency, but those who also embrace respect and a collective vision.


The Barbados Arts Council’s primary purpose is that of nurturing artistic expression amongst the people of our island.


As President, I therefore give my firm commitment to moving forward with a positive spirit and objectives that will keep the Council balanced and in the forefront of the Arts in Barbados.


Ahmad Rasheed Boodhoo

January 2014